101 Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for Email Marketing Promotions

Email marketing to your opt-in list is one of the most effective — not to mention affordable — types of marketing there is. Assuming you’ve built a solid list of people who are interested in the type of information or services you provide, the next critical ingredient is getting your audience to actually read your emails.

However, that’s getting more and more difficult to do. Statistics vary. But for sake of argument, a study by the Radicati Group from May 2009 estimated the number of emails sent in the world each day to be around 247 billion. Yes, BILLION. Which means more than 2.8 million emails are sent every second.

Of those, around 80% of these messages are considered spam. Still, that leaves most professionals in the U.S. receiving over 100 legitimate emails a day.

So with everyone’s email boxes overflowing, how do you get your email marketing promotions to garner the attention they deserve? By giving each email a subject line that makes people stop and take notice of course!

I’ve compiled a list of 101 subject line “starters” for you here. Of course, you’ll want to add your own special touches. You can also personalize the subject lines by incorporating the person’s first name. Or you can add an element of time (i.e. “this Friday” or “tonight”), which will give your emails a greater sense of urgency.

1. Have you heard about this?

2. This is your last chance to register for ____________________.

3. Which option do you prefer?

4. So… what are you waiting for?

5. Want my secret weapon for ____________________?

6. Are you in the know about this?

7. This changes… everything!

8. Did you know that ____________________?

9. What does your ____________________ say about you?

10. Could this be possible?

11. The FREE call about ____________________ starts in 15/30/60 minutes!

12. Just checking in…

13. There are only 3/5/a few spots left!

14. Print this out and save it!

15. This is your last chance.

16. Here’s something to think about before the next time you ____________________.

17. Got this yet?

18. Here are my top 3 secrets for ____________________.

19. Just in case you missed this…

20. I need your help with something important.

21. Here’s my favorite ____________________.

22. Can I give you some free advice?

23. I’m about to spill the beans on ____________________.

24. Learn to double/triple/cut in half your ____________________.

25. 5 surefire tips to make your ____________________ work better/harder/faster.

26. Do you have a burning question about ____________________?

27. Is your ____________________ outdated?

28. Don’t be the last to know!

29. Do you have dinner/lunch/breakfast plans?

30. Are you missing out on this?

31. Can you do this today?

32. Are you making this mistake?

33. This is HUGE.

34. I have a quick question for you.

35. Take care of this before you forget!

36. Have you seen this?

37. Is this why you’re losing business?

38. Heads up. We’re about to raise the price!

39. Last chance ever to ____________________.

40. Can I help you ____________________?

41. There’s still time to jump on the call happening NOW!

42. Were you there tonight/today/yesterday?

43. Are you secretly avoiding  wealth/success/other?

44. Can we talk about this?

45. Be the first to ____________________.

46. Are you kicking yourself for missing this?

47. Make more money by ____________________.

48. I bet you’re overpaying for ____________________.

49. 3 false myths about ____________________.

50. My competitors aren’t going to be happy I’m sharing this…

51. Only X more days until it’s gone forever…

52. It’s finally here.

53. We’re scheduled to talk tomorrow, right?

54. Hurry! This offer will expire on ____________________.

55. How would you like to ____________________?

56. What to do AFTER you ____________________.

57. Is this true for you too?

58. I heard you were looking for ____________________.

59. Just a friendly reminder to ____________________.

60. Who your clients hire when they don’t hire you…

61. Your competitors already know this…

62. Here’s your chance to ____________________.

63. Finally! The _____________________ you’ve been waiting for.

64. Here’s the free gift I promised you!

65. I thought you’d want to know…

66. There are only X spots left. Is one of them yours?

67. Would you like the magic ingredient to ____________________?

68. Something important I’ve learned about ____________________.

69. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

70. You’ll never believe what I found out…

71. Haven’t you waited long enough?

72. The ____________________ strategy that will make you or break you.

73. The secret to transforming your ____________________.

74. Learn how to ____________________ for less.

75. What your clients aren’t telling you that you really need to hear…

76. Are you still doing this?

77. Here’s a free gift to help you ____________________.

78. Have you had enough?

79. Remember this?

80. Are you ready to up-level?

81. Frankly, I’m confused.

82. Be the first to get your hands on this!

83. Time is ticking!

84. If you ____________________, you need to know this!

85. Will you do me a favor?

86. Stop losing sleep about this…

87. 3 simple steps to skyrocket your biz.

88. How many clients have you lost because of this?

89. Here’s a rare second chance…

90. Finally! An answer to your biggest ____________________ question.

91. Will you take a look at this for me?

92. Can you settle this bet for me?

93. Find out how to do ____________________ better than your competitors.

94. Are you kicking yourself?

95. It’s not too late. Jump on this while there’s still time!

96. The most expensive mistake when it comes to ____________________.

97. I don’t normally write you on Saturday, but…

98.  You’ve been asking for this. And here it is!

99. This has been really upsetting me…

100. It’s time to make a decision about this.

101. The trouble with ____________________ is that…

I hope you find something on here that is useful to you.  Please feel free to comment,share and like.



How solo ads can benefit your business

How solo ads can benefit your business.

So whasolo-ads2t exactly are solo ads?    Here’s a great explanation from Gareth Morgan….

A solo ad is a popular method of advertising used by an Internet marketer to attract people to the products and services in their chosen niche. They do this by contacting the owner of a sizable list and paying them to broadcast the advert. The main objective is to grow their list. You hear Internet marketers say ‘the money is in the list’, well this is what they mean. The larger your list, the better the chance you have of selling products and making money.


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How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple Steps

How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple StepsEvery blogger dreams of having thousands of followers and daily blog visitors. For most people it’s just a dream, but for others it’s reality. So I wanted to talk about how anyone can promote their blog in 4 easy steps. When I first got started I didn’t do any of these steps and I struggled for a while, well over 6 months to be precise. But once I understood these concepts and started implementing the strategies I’m about to reveal; my blog took off!

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The Advertising Net – You’re Security for life!

You’re Security for life!

One Year from now, what will you wish you had done today?

You'r Security For Life!Have you ever asked yourself if you are working hard to build your dream or are you working for an employer helping them to build their dream? Working long hours but not getting the pay you had hoped for? Would you like to have complete control of your life, spending more time enjoying life with your family and friends? Having total freedom to do the things you want to do when you want to do them?

If you’re working for an employer and you’re worried about your future – well let’s face it, basically your future is out of your hands!  Your employer will decide on your future!  Are you worried about redundancy, no promotion and no promotion means no pay rise!  Scary huh?

Before that happens maybe it’s a good time to think of the alternatives to working for someone else. ….


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Blog Curation

Blog Curation

Blog Curation

Everything you know has changed.

…and it will continue changing. Google is an algorithm that is changing over 500 times per year. How are you supposed to keep up that?…you can’t …let’s be honest for one second and ask ourselves this question: Why?..Why are we continually trying to find games, loopholes, tricks and ways around the Google machines,

Content is the only thing people are interested in…and so its the only thing Google is interested in.
The solution isn’t copying/spinning/writing content…why resort to all that? Read the rest of this entry

Do I really Need a Website?

Do I really Need a Website?

need-a-website2Here’s a question that someone asked me the other day – “My business is very small, just me and two employees, and our product really can’t be sold online. Do I really need a website?”

That’s a good question. In this age of computerized everything and the constant digital noises which ring on in perpetuity, many who miss the old way of doing things have said “stop.” They don’t want to participate, they don’t want to be bothered; they like the old way of life better; a simpler time. And, they say, “what need do I have for this? Why should I be forced to dance this dance if I don’t want to?” Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Gotchas of Money and the Law of Attraction

Hidden Gotchas of
Money and the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

A great post from Ray Higdon Master Marketeer.

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and everyone wants to attract more money, so, why don’t they? This post will help you with some gotchas in regards to attracting more of the green stuff.

How to use the Law of Attraction

It is pretty simple actually but few that have “heard” about money and the law of attraction don’t actually follow the right steps.

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A UK family needs to earn £30,000 a year ‘to survive’ – and that’s without holidays or restaurant meals!

A shocking report by Guest Blogger  Camilla Canocchi


The UK family spend nearly £25,000 on just the bare essentials, according to Skipton Financial Services

British families need to earn nearly £30,000 a year just to survive, even without ‘luxuries’ like holidays and meals out, according to a survey.

FamilyThe study suggests that an average family now needs £24,801.51 every year for essential expenditure such as mortgage or rent payments, utilities, insurance, food, petrol, mobile phone and landline costs, and clothing.

And to have that amount as disposable income after tax and national insurance requires a gross income of at least £30,000.

Skipton Financial Services said the figure has increased by £129.35 since last year, with some costs rising and others falling back.

The biggest costs faced by a family are those for mortgages, which amount on average to £4,514.88 a year, for food, which comes up to £4,491.24, and petrol at £2,667. But the total figure does not include non-essential expenditure such as holidays, restaurant meals and unplanned shopping.

Andrew Barker, managing director of Skipton Financial Services, said: ‘The worrying thing is that the report doesn’t include any luxuries whatsoever, the figures only refer to the money people need to survive.’

He added: ‘Don’t forget that £24,801.51 is the figure UK families need to bring home so, once income tax and national insurance has been taken into account, a basic rate taxpayer would actually have to earn well over £30,000.’

Petrol and food costs have both increased on last year, respectively by £215.28 and £33.28, while commuting to work is £216.32 more expensive than last year.

Other payments which have gone up over the past twelve months include home insurance, which has risen from £431.40 to £442.56, and mobile phone bills, which have gone up from £368.52 to £395.40.

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A Guaranteed Traffic Tsunami

A Guaranteed Traffic Tsunami

Guaranteed Traffic Sunami

Sounds like a wild idea, right?

Can you really get unlimited targeted traffic in 15 minutes?  With the  Guaranteed Traffic Tsunami not only can you do so,  but I ‘m also going to tell you how.
If you like to get unlimited, targeted traffic in any niche to your website listen up, for I am about to tell you the way to do it.  Find out more!

You may think I am pulling your leg, but the fact is that after you are done reading this blog and put to action what I state here, your
traffic ticker will explode. And the best part is the way to do it is by using a system I created. That’s right. The secret is to using my
system. Click here!


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Simple Online Lead Generation – Get Leads Today – Video

This is a great post with invaluable information for the beginner internet marketer from Marc Barrett with  Simple Online Lead Generation – Get Leads Today. Marc Barrett is a Seven Figure Earner in Internet Marketing.

I have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 22 years and believe me I know how critical leads are to the ultimate success of your Network Marketing business.

In this training course, I am going to be giving you a crash course in online marketing and exposing you to some very powerful lead generation approaches and strategies. Read the rest of this entry

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