How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple Steps

How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple Steps

How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple StepsHow to promote your blog in 4 simple steps – Every blogger dreams of having thousands of followers and daily blog visitors. For most people it’s just a dream, but for others it’s reality. So I wanted to talk about how you can promote your blog in 4 simple steps. When I first got started I didn’t do any of these steps and I struggled for a while, well over 6 months to be precise. But once I understood these concepts and started implementing the strategies I’m about to reveal; my blog took off!

So here are just 4 easy steps you can use to promote  your blog and grow a community of avid readers:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the most important thing one can do to grow a blog. The majority of new bloggers take a shot at making money with advertising, but the smart guys know building a list is far more profitable in the long run. Building an email list of your blog subscribers has countless benefits.

First you have an actual email list can sell stuff to. Promote affiliate offers and of course your own products. Also having an email list is like having a group of followers that listen to every word you say. It’s like having a massive group of fans you can send anywhere you like at any time you choose. Sure, you can make money with email marketing, but how do you use it to promote your blog?

Simple, you email your list every time you publish a new blog post! Yep – you can easily use Aweber to install a form in the sidebar of your blog. Maybe you’ll get just 10 subscribers per day. That’s 300 new subscribers per month. Let’s say after 3 months of doing it you have 1000 people subscribing to your blog newsletter/list. Whenever you publish a blog post, you can email the link to them and get around 500-900 of your 1000 subscribers reading your blog post minutes later.

After you send the same people to your new blog posts a couple of time, a community will start to build itself right in front of your eyes. Your subscribers will start commenting and sharing your posts on their favorite social networks! That’s the power of using email marketing to grow your blog.

2. Grow A Community (Connect With Followers)

Growing a community is the biggest thing you can do for your blog to make it an immense success. After all, a community is what every blogger wants right? People commenting, sharing and raving about their content etc. Anyway, there are a couple of ways to grow a community around your blog.

The first is to attract the RIGHT readers. Random visitors coming from the search engines are a lot harder to convert into loyal subscribers than from other sources. The best source of traffic for community building is guest blogging and blog commenting. As by blogging on elder established blogs in your niche, you can steal or borrow some of their community. The big blogs in most niches have a huge following.

So if you can put a great post in front of them which they like, they will checkout your blog and most likely subscribe. Then after doing the next few tricks you can grow a real community. Once you’re getting the right traffic and building a list, you need to make personal connections with every subscriber. You do this by adding them on Facebook; following them on Twitter and any other social networks they’re on. You can do it manually or hire someone to do this for you.

Basically, the more social networks you connect with them on the more exposure your blog will get. Why? Well because you’ll be syndicating your new posts onto Twitter, Facebook, other social networks and you’ll be emailing the posts to your subscribers. So by connecting with them on the social networks they’ll see your latest posts in their inbox, Facebook wall and in their Twitter feed. Those are the three main networks which make your subscribers 3 times more likely to read your posts.

3. Guest Authors

This is a huge step that can’t be taken very easily – but this is the only difficult one. When you get to the point where you’re getting tons of traffic and you have a nice community – the demand for your content will go up. One or two posts a week isn’t going to cut it, so you need guest authors!

It’s simple enough to do, you just create a page explaining how it works and the benefits people will receive from guest posting on your blog. Followed by your post guidelines and a submission box. Then just stick the page in your sidebar and if you are getting enough traffic – the guest authors will come. However you need a lot of traffic and authority to spark the interest of decent guest bloggers.

Your blog should be Page Rank 3 or above and you should be getting 500+ visitors a day. Once you get to that point or above you’ll have plenty of people begging to post their content on your blog. If you’re not quite there yet, work on link building to boost Page Rank and post more regularly. If you’re getting less traffic but have a nice Page Rank – you can email other blog owners asking if they’d like to guest post. You’d be surprised how many people will say yes.

By doing the above you’ll get far more high quality content on hopefully a daily basis. Therefore feeding the demand and growing your blog at an exponential rate!

4. Link Building

Link building is obviously a major step to blogging success. Without lots of backlinks, your great content will be nothing. No one will ever see or hear about your blog PERIOD. In the beginning when you’re gaining that authority status and making your blog popular – search engine traffic is key. It’s one of the best sources for fast and reliable traffic. There are two steps to start getting more search engine traffic:

In every blog post you write, target a keyword that’s getting searched at least 300 times per month. That’s a potential of 10 visitors a day, if you know a lot about SEO then aim for 500 or more. Then straight after you’ve published a blog post, syndicate it everywhere. This bit covers the social side of SEO and gets you those initial rankings. You can syndicate your posts onto Facebook, Twitter and 28 other social networks. Traffic Exchanges is another way to advertise your blog, I like Traffic Monsoon which is free to join and no subscriptions or monthly fees.

On top of that you can create a video out of your post and distribute it to video sites linking back. Then spin the post and submit it to a few hundred+ article directories with the help of a tool like Article Marketing Robot. On top of that you can syndicate your posts onto web2.0 sites like Hubpages, WordPress, Squidoo, and Typepad. Web2.0’s are great for building backlinks, use them or install a plugin called WP Syndicator to automatically syndicate every post onto the top 10 web2.0 sites.

That’s about it for link building and everything else, follow these 4 steps and your blog will become ridiculously popular in the next 2-4 months!


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